Committed to
doing better

If there’s one thing we love more than eating good food, it’s chatting with the farmers, the growers, and the artisans passionate about creating good quality products. Because at Foodbox, we’re all about supporting local and buying seasonal at every opportunity.

At the crack of dawn, we’re down at the Farmers Markets selecting the best quality produce to put in your Foodbox. We know our farmers, we talk with our growers, and we have long-established relationships with those making the products we deliver to you.

What’s more, we visit many of their farms and taste-test their products to make sure everything is in line with our standards for quality, flavour and ethical business practices.

Reduce, reuse, recycle

At Foodbox, we're committed to doing better. We're conscious that to sustain the quality of the produce and products we deliver, we must nurture, care for, and protect the environment in which it grows.

Reducing waste

Sourcing locally wherever possible and promoting seasonal habits reduces transit waste and chemicals used to keep produce fresh on long journeys.

Reusable bags

There’s kindness delivered in every Foodbox because all our bags are reusable. Share them with friends, pass them on, or return them to us.

Responsible packaging

We've carefully select the packaging materials we use (and don't use!) in every Foodbox. So when it comes to packing your items, if it doesn't need packaging we don't package it.

With Foodbox, everybody wins

We’re fiercely proud to be a Kiwi family run business, supporting and delivering local so that fellow Kiwis can enjoy the freshest flavours of Aotearoa.

As the original Foodbox, we were one of the first to support local farmers and growers and to recognise the value in delivering quality products to Kiwis. We're committed to doing good, so at Foodbox, everyone wins:

A win for you: Foodbox customers get fresher, more nutritious food that has been handled less, hand selected, and carefully packed. We give you your time back by handling everything for you, so you have more time for the things you love.

A win for our communities:  Foodbox is supporting various local communities and is proud to partner with KidsCan. So by shopping with us, you're directly supporting your neighbours and Kiwi kids in need.

A win for the environment: Foodbox delivery is structured to reduce our carbon footprint. Working with local suppliers means less time and distance from the farm to your fridge, and in turn, reduces the number of individual car trips to the supermarket.

A win for farmers:  Foodbox works closely with farmers and growers, and is a reliable and trustworthy partner they can count on.